Learn how to Quickly Gain 1,000+ Highly Engaged Followers (Every Month) While Building Your Email List & Generating Sales

Because let's face it:

Slow follower growth and low engagement isn't what you're looking for...especially when you don't have hours to spend on Instagram every day.

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Are you spending way too much time on Instagram and not seeing any results?

Everyone says you should be on Instagram, but it seems nearly impossible to building an engaged following these days. Does any of this sound familiar?

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You Have Slow Follower Growth

You've tried different 'growth hacks', but have still yet to pass the 10,000 followers mark as your growth is slow.

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You Don't Have Much Time

You're bored of spending time on Instagram for the little results you get, and don't have the time in the first place.

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You've Got Little Engagement

You're frustrated that your engagement is half of what is used to be before Instagram made a change.

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You're Not Getting Any Sales

Find your marketing efforts don't seem to be working, we are not generating any sales off Instagram

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You're Fed up of Fake Accounts Following

You're fed up of fake accounts or spam accounts following you,

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You're Not Sure If You're Shadowbanned

You may start questioning if your feed and content sucks, or if you are shadowbanned.

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You're Tired of Algorithm Update Chasing

You find yourself tired from keeping up with the algorithm changes, which are not fun any more.

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Your Content isn't Working

You find your trying different posting ideas, following trends, working hard for little engagement or growth.

Aaron Ward

Hey, I'm Aaron Ward. I'm an Instagram growth & marketing expert with 4+ years of hands-on experience. I've helped manage 100's of business Instagram profiles by increasing their follower growth, engagement, and converting visitors into paying customers and leads.

Imagine: You have an Instagram strategy that gets you highly engaged targeted followers daily, and turns them into email list subscribers and paying customers.

Got a problem with your Instagram growth?

Every week I get dozens of emails that all say the same thing...

"Aaron, my follower growth is slow. Do you have any idea how I can fix it?"

Now I get it, Instagram is painful to understand and may seem like it's never trying to help you succeed.

For instance you've probably tried doing these methods before:

  • Uploading high quality content to your Instagram feed and stories...but your engagement still doesn't change or gets worse
  • Adding keywords to your Instagram profile in hopes to appear in the search results...but you don't see any difference
  • Posting more frequently and using more hashtags to try and get more impressions on your posts... but it doesn't seem to work and your impressions haven't changed
  • And all the other tips and tricks you've probably heard on YouTube videos...

So why is it that some profiles on Instagram have fast follower growth and high engagement...

...and your profile doesn't?

To best illustrate this, I recently got an email from one of my Instagram Mastermind Students, Romell.

Romell says that his followers are "growing rapidly" from 100 followers to 2,000:

Instagram Masterminds Review

Well there is a secret behind what Romell did...

...he adapted his profile to trigger algorithm functions so that would get natural promotion and boosted reach from Instagram.

Doesn't sound hard right? Well it isn't if it's done CORRECTLY.

And that's on brand new Instagram profile — imagine how much better this would have been if Romell already had 5,000 followers and engagement!

Instagram algorithm update workflow chart

Picture This Scenario...

You open up Instagram and you're flooded with notifications.

You've got 30+ comments from engaged fans. Your follower count increased by 120+ in just a few hours from your recent post. People are sharing your stories and leaving responses.

And even better, you’re getting visitors to your website who are converting into leads and sales.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not because you know this happens to thousands of people every day — that’s why you always hear people saying “you’ve got to be on Instagram!”.

So why can’t this be you?

  • Don’t have time? No problem, you don’t need to spend hours every day on Instagram. Most of the hard work can be automated, such as uploading posts and replying to comments or direct messages.
  • Don’t know what to post? No problem, the answers are already on Instagram in front of you, you just need to look in the right places.
  • Don’t know what hashtags to use? No problem, you just need a strategy on how to find the best ones that get you results.

This is all POSSIBLE when you work with the algorithm's system and create a profile that connects with how the algorithm functions.

So if you're not gaining followers quickly, or find you don't have the engaged community you want yet. Or don't make the sales you wish to have…

...You're just missing the right strategy that shows you how it's done correctly.

Introducing Instagram Masterminds

Instagram Masterminds: Instagram Marketing Online Course


4.9 Stars from 850+ customer reviews

Instagram Masterminds is an online course that provides you with a deep-learning and understanding of how Instagram functions "under the hood".

You'll instantly get tools, strategies and techniques to grow your Instagram profile with real targeted followers, lot's of engagement, and web traffic that converts into paying customers.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Online Checkout

What's Inside Instagram Masterminds

When you join Instagram Masterminds 2.0, you get instant access to 40+ video training's that take you from slow growth and no engagement to over 10,000+ engaged followers who are ready to buy your product.

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40+ Instagram Marketing & Growth Training Videos

Maximize your success by watching live-walkthroughs and tutorials so you can copy & paste the techniques easily.

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Up-to-date Techniques that Build You an Engaged Following

Instagram Masterminds contains straight to the point strategies that get real results...without the fluff and life-long story. #aaronsteachingstyle

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Algorithm Tested Strategies That Work Now, And in 24+ Months

Not only will you get results now, but the strategies are proofed to work 24+ months down the line. No more short term tactics.

Module 1

Decoding the Instagram Algorithm

Understand what goes on under the hood of the Instagram platform, and how you can use it to your advantage

Instagram Masterminds Module 1

What You'll Learn

EXACTLY how the Instagram algorithm is built and functions, so you can work on building a positive 'Goodness Score'

How you can use the Unicorn Social Graph and Topical Authority systems to boost your discoverability

What Instagram's business goal is — and how it effects your accounts reach daily

Module 2

The Engagement Content Formula

Get more likes and comments on your posts, while building a stronger engaged community

Instagram Masterminds Module 2

What You'll Learn

The VC Formula to consistently creating content that gets lot's of engagement

How to discover what is working on Instagram, so you can easily rank in the top hashtag posts and explore page

How to automatically 'batch process' your content by automatically posting it

Module 3

Topical Bio Hacking

Fine-tune your profile to be ranked at the top for your niche, so you can more profile views

Instagram Masterminds Module 3

What You'll Learn

How to optimize your profile to appear in front of your demographic across Instagram (explore, suggested, home)

How to fine-tune your Instagram profile to 'SEO Proof' it for greater reach

How to drive more traffic and track your link clicks + conversions

Module 4

Hashtag Impression Strategy

Get more impressions, engagement and followers from your posts

Instagram Masterminds Module 4

What You'll Learn

How to find hashtags that guarantee you top post spots

Where to place your hashtags, how many, and how to build sets

How to track your hashtags performance, so you can see what is working

Module 5

Stories to Sales

Creating compelling stories that convert views to followers and sales

Instagram Masterminds Module 5

What You'll Learn

How to create stories that CONVERT users into followers and paying customers for your business

What content you should be uploading for your stories

How to boost engagement and reach through your stories

Module 6

Follower Growth Hacking

Gain more followers quickly, and increase the engagement you recieve

Instagram Masterminds Module 6

What You'll Learn

How to gain more followers using marketing techniques

How to utalize different platforms to boost follower growth

How to use psychology in your captions to increase engagement on your posts

And You'll Get These Bonus Trainings For FREE:

You get instant access to these bonus trainings, so you can holistically master your complete Instagram marketing campaign to maximize your growth, and turn those new followers in sales!

Advertising Icon

Instagram Ads Mastery

Bonus (Normally $497)

In this module you'll learn how to create Instagram advertisements which turn $1 into $1.50+. You'll also learn how to create retargeting ads for crazy ROI.

Automation Icon

Instagram Automation

Bonus (Normally $97)

In this module you'll learn how to setup Instagram automation tools safely with the best advanced settings. You'll also learn the best practices, proxies, VPS, and other important areas to keep your profile in good hands.

Sales Icon

Sales & Lead Generation

Bonus (Normally $297)

In this module you'll learn how to generate sales and leads for your business easily. You'll also learn how the importance of building your email list and see live walkthroughs of creating a list in action.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Online Checkout


4.9 Stars from 850+ customer reviews

The Results? Students Say it Best...

Here's what follower growth students are getting with Instagram Mastermind strategies

Instagram Masterminds Review from AndreInstagram Masterminds Review from BuksInstagram Masterminds Review from Rick SInstagram Masterminds Review from Ollie JInstagram Masterminds Review from Brandon TInstagram Masterminds Review from Juan NavasInstagram Masterminds Review from First LastInstagram Masterminds Review from FatmaInstagram Masterminds Review from Javaris KInstagram Masterminds Review from Sunil PatelInstagram Masterminds Review from NiniInstagram Masterminds Review from Eliran SInstagram Masterminds Review from Alexander A

Who's Instagram Masterminds For?

Instagram Masterminds works for any type of Instagram profile, niche, or topic. However our training is best suited if you are one of these...

Business Icon

Business Owners

Looking to increase your social proof and awareness on Instagram while generating leads and sales?

Instagram Masterminds is a great fit for you.

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Want to get your message out there and to be heard by more...while making sales and growing your email list?

Instagram Masterminds is a great fit for you.

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Account Managers

Are you a Social Media Marketing Manager or Agency? Instagram Masterminds will keep you up-to-date and ensure your clients are kept happy.

Instagram Masterminds is a great fit for you.

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Influencers & Creators

Looking for a no-bs action plan to take your profile off the launch pad and into the sky by gaining more followers, engagement, and recognition (or brand deals)?

Instagram Masterminds is a great fit for you.

Support every step of the way (even after those annoying algorithm changes)

Inside of Instagram Masterminds, you'll also get access to these free bonuses to ensure you are never left in the dark, and achieve the results you want now, and still in 1 years time.

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360 Mentor Support

$297 Value

You'll be getting lifetime support inside our private group and 360 days of free consultation via email with Aaron your mentor. In addition, you'll also get course updates for free, forever.

Instagram Masterminds Private Group Icon

Active Private Group

$97 Value

Included with your enrollment is access to our private community, where you can get support from the instructor and other successful students every day for lifetime.

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Free Lifetime Updates

$197 Value

Interactive content is included in the course so you can get results and move forward even quicker. You'll have lifetime access to downloadable files to help you get results.

Total Value for Bonuses: $791

Join Instagram Masterminds 100% Risk Free

Our 100% Risk Free Promise

60 Day Secure Money Back Guarantee

While we believe Instagram Masterminds is an amazing product (as the results show), you can request a refund before day 61 if you didn't get any results. To request a refund you must have attempted the course and implemented the teachings, you can't get results if you don't take action. We give you 60 days to do this to make sure Instagram Masterminds is the right fit. Please see our refund policy for more information

Join Now & Increase Your Follower Growth Rate

It's time to enroll, join the Mastermind community, and get the results you deserve.

Instagram Masterminds 2.0

Instagram Masterminds Boxset


4.9 Stars from 850+ customer reviews

What you'll get INSTANT access to:

6 Core Modules of Instagram Marketing and Growth Training.

3 Bonus Modules (Lead & Sales Generation, Instagram Advertising, and Instagram Marketing Automation).

Downloadable Templates & Workbooks — You'll get all the downloadable files to speed up your learning process.

Private Group Community — Get access to our active group to ask questions and learn new strategies from students.

360 Days of Support — Email Aaron your questions and get a direct response.

Free Lifetime Updates — You'll have lifetime access to the course and all new updates, so you know Instagram Masterminds is a great long-term investment.

Enroll with confidence

Multiple payment options through our Secure Online SSL checkout

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30 days no-risk guarantee

Improve your Instagram growth or your money back in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Question

Our most common questions asked before students enroll in Instagram Masterminds

When was the course updated? Does it work with Instagram's recent algorithm updates for September 2019+?

The course is always updated for the latest algorithm changes, so it is up-to-date when you join. Inside IGM you'll learn strategies that don't "break" after Instagram updates, instead they use Instagram's Unicorn + Topikal system to never go out of date. In addition, if you are looking for automation related lessons and settings, they are also up-to-date.

What makes Instagram Masterminds different then other Instagram courses?

Instagram Masterminds is a comprehensive course that covers strategies and ideas other courses don't even mention (or know about). For example, you won't hear anyone talking about the Unicorn Social Graph and how it functions and contributes to your growth. We go IN DEPTH inside Instagram Masterminds. This is so you understand WHY Instagram functions the way it does...and so you can take the right actions to work WITH the algorithm. In addition, unlike other courses that only cover one idea such as Hashtag Strategies, Instagram Masterminds covers it all for only a fraction of the cost.

When does the course start?

The course is all pre-recorded lessons, meaning you can start watching when you want from any place in the world. If you enroll now you can get started instantly, or even in a years time. You won't loose access.

When was the course last updated?

The course is updated frequently to any changes Instagram makes. You can expect the course to always be up-to-date with any Instagram platform changes. In addition, you'll always be the first to get any updates as paid content is always prioritize over free content.

Do I need to pay for future updates?

Not at all. When you enroll today you will get lifetime updates to lessons, bonuses, templates, and the private group for free.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes there is! You can join 100% risk free as there is a 60 Day money back guarantee with the course. To be eligible for our refund you will need to watch the course lessons, and take action on the strategies and materials inside (you can't get results without taking action). In addition, we don't issue refunds if external tools or software we may recommend inside of the course do not work for you correctly, as this is out of our control. While these tools are helpful, they are optional and not nessassry for your success. You are enrolling for knowledge and strategies, not the functionality of third party tools. To learn more about our refund policy you can click here.

What automation tool do you cover?

Instagram Masterminds always covers the latest and best quality automation tool available. At the moment the course has lessons and live walkthroughs for Jarvee and how to use it safely to avoid breaking Instagram's TOS.

How long do I have access to the course?

For lifetime! Once you pay you'll be in it forever.

Do I need a certain Instagram profile for this to work?

Instagram Masterminds is built around strategies that work for any type of profile you have on Instagram, whether it's for a business, personal or influencer, and even reposting niche accounts. So just like it has for over 800+ students, the course will work for you.

Do I need to purchase any extra tools or expensive software when I join?

While I will be recommending tools to help you with your marketing and profile growth, I will provide both paid and free options to fit your budget. However, you will not need to use any paid tools to be successful.

Will I need to invest money into Instagram ads for your course to work?

No not at all. Instagram advertising is an optional growth method that we teach you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Online Checkout


4.9 Stars from 850+ customer reviews