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  5. Build an evergreen automated sales funnel

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I can't believe this was free, thank you Aaron! I highly recommend for anyone who wants a course on how to create a course (ha!) to join this.

Jeff B


This course was the perfect kick-in-the-ass for me to finally create a product. I loved the layout, how quick the course was and how everything was applicable.

Kelly A


Thank you so much Aaron, I've created my first course and already have sales! I'll be looking at joining your paid course once it's launched. Thanks again!!

Amanda B

Get Free Access to 7 Lessons of Actionable & Straight-to-the-point Strategies

Course Foundations

What you'll learn

Why online courses are the #1 product to create for any entrepreneur

How to pick a profitable course topic

Lesson Creation

What you'll learn

How to presell your course to validate your idea

How to record lessons and course material on a budget

Sales Funnel

What you'll learn

How to create a branded website to host and sell your course

How to build an evergreen sales funnel to sell your course while you sleep

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You'll learn from Aaron's experiments and experience of building two courses to over $100,000+ in sales

Example of online course income from the strategies inside this course

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Who's teaching this course?

Hey I'm Aaron,

I run aaronward.com, a successful blog that helps entrepreneurs like yourself create their dream online business through building profitable online courses.

I created this course so that you can get over 3+ years of knowledge and strategies that I have used to create own online course that is impactful (helps people) and is profitable (specifically as a passive-income stream).

I know you'll love this course, even if you think "courses are not for me", as it gives you the critical online marketing techniques that apply to any type of product you want to sell.

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